Third Blow - JT Bishop

Third Blow: A Murder Mystery Paranormal Thriller


About the Book

Jace Marlon’s best friend is dead, killed by a man as mysterious as Jace’s past.
Forced to trust Detectives Daniels and Remalla, who suggest the motive for the murder is more elusive than the killer, Jace must face a truth he can no longer avoid.

Confronting his troubled youth and confused by the unique abilities he’s been reluctant to accept, Jace has no choice but to ask for help, and finds an unexpected ally in a tarot reader whose assistance could lead to more than friendship and whose readings may provide the link to the secrets he must uncover. But her involvement could risk her life, and the lives of the detectives.

With an uncatchable killer at large, Jace must choose between revenge and answers. And the survival of those he befriends will depend on a quirky woman with chunky jewelry, those he must learn to trust, and the one thing he never knew existed…family.

Third Blow is book three in the Family or Foe Saga, featuring Detectives Daniels and Remalla. It can be read on its own, but is best read after First Cut and Second Slice.
If you love exciting characters, unexpected romance, an elusive villain, and losing sleep over a good book, then pick up Third Blow today!

Author J. T. Bishop has never failed to deliver with Detectives Daniels and Remalla, and once again has crafted a suspenseful story that brings us close to the action and delivers high-risk action situations. Jace was a fascinating central character to bring in for this tale of secrets, revenge, and mysticism, making it more difficult to see the clean-cut lines of who to trust and where the storyline itself is headed. I was impressed with the different emotional and psychological layers which mix into the genres, delivering romantic moments, criminal wisdom, deep discoveries of identity, and poignant moments of family love. When this is portrayed with Bishop's attention to descriptive detail, snappy exposition dialogue, and crafty plot-making, you have a perfect mystery on your hands. I would, therefore, recommend Third Blow to fans of the existing series as well as new readers looking for high-quality suspense fiction.
– K.C. Finn from Readers'Favorite
Elegantly written, Third Blow by J. T. Bishop will have you sitting on the edge of your seat until the final page. With the delightful addition of psionics and other paranormal elements, I was immediately entranced with the story, the characters, and the plot.All of the characters are outstandingly developed, and I thoroughly enjoyed experiencing Danny's tarot readings. Even though this is not the first book in the series, you will have no trouble keeping up with the characters and past stories. I've fallen hopelessly in love with this series! I anxiously anticipate the following books and now must read the previous books in the series. Fans of the Dark Angel television series will love this novel.
– Susan Sewell from Readers' Favorite
hird Blow by Judy Bishop is a stunning novel. I haven't read the first two in the series and, although this could be read on its own, it should probably be read with the others. The story draws you right in from the first page and you soon find yourself wrapped up in a deep, twisty plot. There is plenty of action and the characters are real and likable. Although this is the third in the Daniels and Remalla series, there is enough development and some back story to help you get to grips with who they are. This is one story you won't want to put down, a story that will transport you to a different world. Ms. Bishop's writing is descriptive enough to make you feel you are in the story. I would highly recommend it for anyone who wants to lose themselves in a stunning, suspenseful book.
– Anne-Marie Reynolds from Readers' Favorite
This book is written in a fast-paced manner, and it is a true page-turner. Be warned - once started, it is hard to put down. The character development of Jace and Danni is another interesting aspect to this plot. Both have strong personalities, having lived through difficult childhoods and family situations. Daniels and Remalla are strongly committed to solving the mystery. The addition of humorous bantering makes the reader laugh out loud, and it adds balance to chilling situations. This is the third book in the detective series, and there are a number of references to earlier crimes. While it can stand alone, reading the previous books first is recommended. Author J. T Bishop has skillfully crafted a compelling mystery in Third Blow. Fortunately, the fourth book in this series is on its way!
– Deborah Lloyd from Readers' Favorite
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