red line:the shift - jt bishop

Red-Line: The Shift: An Edge-of-Your-Seat Paranormal Suspense Novel


About the Book

Yanked from her predictable life and thrust into a new one, one woman is shocked to learn that everything she believes about herself is wrong. One man must keep her alive. But an adversary waits in the wings…

After a difficult year, Sarah Randolph is living a solitary life. But after meeting a handsome stranger, she’s hopeful her luck is about to change. When their first date turns dangerous though, she’ll discover that she’s the one about to change…in more ways than she can imagine.

After that frightening encounter, John Ramsey will be forced to remove Sarah from her quiet existence. He’ll risk everything, including himself and the lives of the group he’s assembled, to keep her alive and prevent an unexpected rival from using her for his own cruel desires.

Thrust into a life-altering event, Sarah must trust a man she hardly knows who’s revealed shocking truths about her origins. If she survives, she’ll face a decision that could promise unending love but also unimaginable pain.

For Ramsey, falling for Sarah was never part of the plan. But as the danger grows, and an adversary reveals himself, Ramsey will stop at nothing to protect the woman whose secrets could save his community, but whose love could save him.

Despite the danger and the odds against them, their unique destiny and an unexpected enemy collide, and their only hope for survival may be each other.

Red-Line: The Shift is book one in J. T. Bishop’s enthralling and suspenseful Red-Line trilogy. It contains elements of light sci-fi, urban fantasy and paranormal romance, If you love charismatic characters, unexpected twists and a daring love story, you’ll love this page-turning series by award-winning author J. T. Bishop.

Series: The Red-Line Trilogy, Book 1
A well written and interesting alien adventure, with a hint of romance, Red-Line: The Shift holds your interest from start to finish. Who is watching Sarah Randolph and what do they want with her? Why hasn't she felt like herself lately, or been able to sleep? John Ramsey has the answers, or at least some of them, but can she trust him? The action starts quickly, with Sarah going through the 'shift' just moments after being told she is not in fact human. The story then confines us to one house and one group of characters as they aid and protect Sarah through her shift, whilst using their own unique sensitivities to divert and fight danger as it appears. Sarah is a 'red-line' Eudoran, possibly the last of her kind and the only hope the gray-line Eudorans have of survival...but there is another force at work, and who they are and why they want to get hold of Sarah will no doubt be revealed in Volume Two.
– Underground Book Reviews
Red-Line... Hmm where do I begin? J.T. had me hooked from the very first sentence of this novel and I was completely consumed from there on in. I was super excited and anxious and fluttery throughout the entire book, wondering constantly what was going to happen next. I had a gut feeling about the "bad guy" and it turns out I could be right, but I'm just not entirely sure yet. It's just one of those feelings, ya know? J.T. did an outstanding job of making her characters likable and real...well.. As real as they can be *wink wink* OKAY, but seriously, I loved the main characters; Hannah, Ramsey, Leroy, Declan, and Sarah. They're fun and flirty and relatable (again, as much as they can be- you'll get it when you read it!). Declan and Ramsey have this tension and banter that just makes me chuckle, and I laughed out loud on more than one occasion. This book is different from many others I've read, in that everything that happens in this novel could, hypothetically, happen in a real life setting- minus some of the extraterrestrial stuff. I highly suggest this book- it is easily one of my favorites, and my number 1 favorite Sci-Fi of all time!
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