Red Lines Mirrors - JT Bishop

Red-Line: Mirrors


About the Book

The stakes are raised…
Sarah Randolph is a member of a unique and secretive community whose existence must forever remain unknown. Her Shift complete, she faces a new challenge when her newfound abilities inexplicably vanish, jeopardizing her chance to save the group she’s newly joined.

And she must decide…
Now Sarah finds herself at a crossroads. She can’t deny the attraction she feels for Ramsey, the man protecting her, but that desire may prove deadly when she is forced to trust someone she fears the most…another member whose interest in Sarah could cost her more than she’s prepared to give.

Whether to follow her fate…
With time running out, will Sarah be able to save those closest to her? Or will her nemesis succeed in separating her from the man she loves and ultimately make her his own?

Red-Line: Mirrors is the second book in the Red-Line trilogy.

Series: The Red-Line Trilogy, Book 2
Love this book series. I was so into the story and finished all of them in 5 days.
– Shannon, Amazon
Where does one start. I missed a doctor's appointment, forgot about a lunch date, spaced on sending out a Bill and did not get dressed one day just so I could finish reading this book. I would love to see this trilogy become a movie. I'm going to give Friends and family these books for gifts.
– Sue, Amazon
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