Of Breath and Blood - jt bishop

Of Breath and Blood: A Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller


About the Book

Darkness Dwells where the Light Prevails
When a series of liquor store robberies leads to murder, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are thrown into a secretive world where a fanatical cult leader’s evil ambitions reveal more than just a violent group of followers.

Determined to discover the man’s true motives, they follow the clues, but the closer they get, the greater the risk becomes when strange revelations lead them into a paranormal world where a cryptic organization may hold the key to the answers they seek.

When Remalla goes undercover to search for answers, Daniels faces his own demons when a brutal mental assault threatens all he holds dear, and the case takes a dangerous turn, requiring the partners to rely on each other to survive.

As the threat grows, the man at the heart of it all will use his power to delve into the depths of evil, and will force Daniels and Remalla to confront the malevolence determined to extract…both breath and blood.

Of Breath and Blood is book two in the Detectives Daniels and Remalla series. It follows Haunted River, but can be read on its own. If you are eager for spine-tingling suspense, heart-pounding danger with a touch of the supernatural, and a riveting page turner that will keep you up at night, then enjoy Of Breath and Blood.

Series: Detectives Daniels and Remalla, Book 2
Author J. T. Bishop has crafted a very engrossing work of suspense fiction with plenty of tense moments, dynamic action, and conceptual intrigue to offer readers. One of the features which I found particularly impressive about this piece was its unique premise, which takes us deep into the cult mentality and paranormal revelations as our two heroes try to keep straight what they know to be true in the world. This plotline, when combined with the realistic dialogue and close narration of the central characters, delivers edge-of-your-seat thrills and the haunting reality of how dangerous our own thoughts and influences can become. The backdrop of secret locations and undercover immersion also added another layer to the ever-growing tension, with tons of atmosphere. Overall, I would highly recommend Of Breath and Blood to fans of the existing series, newcomers looking for a stellar standalone mystery tale, and detective fiction readers everywhere.
– K.C. Finn - Readers' Favorite
Of Breath and Blood (Detectives Daniels and Remalla Series: Book 6) by J.T. Bishop is a spine-tingling mystery with creepy paranormal undertones. Containing a supernatural flair, it is a breathtaking, edge-of-your-seat story from the first to the last page. Ms. Bishop weaves a tapestry of suspense, replete with eerie dark esoteric allusions and chilling psychological elements that left me guessing to the shocking conclusion. The addition of new characters, Mason and Mikey Redstone, gives the story a fresh and exciting dimension, and I am thrilled that Redstone is taking Daniels and Remalla into a series of his own. I can't wait to read it! Although this novel is the sixth in a series, it works well as a standalone. Fans of Daniels and Remalla will not want to miss this thrilling encounter!
– Susan Sewell - Readers' Favorite
I enjoyed how J.T. Bishop was able to keep the suspense of the story building all the way to the end. Of Breath And Blood introduces Mason Redstone as a major supporting character for Remalla. I found the character development was continuously growing throughout the story by going deeper into the minds of the detectives. The dialogue was my favorite aspect of the story. The humor of D'Mato playing mind games with Daniels was entertaining; Albright's forward statements about Remalla being shy and how much she wanted him sexually with a twisted undertone to it. I think any adult who likes a good mystery that keeps flipping directions will get swept away with Of Breath And Blood's colorful cast of characters. Why is Daniels becoming so aggressive? Is Remalla falling in love with Albright? Do the detectives get the evidence they need to link D'Mato to the robberies? Pick this 5-star book up and find out. The end shocked me completely.
– Stephanie Chapman - Readers' Favorite
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