Lost Souls - JT Bishop

Lost Souls: A Novel of Crime and Suspense: A Fast-Paced Paranormal P.I. Thriller


About the Book

No secret is safe, not even with the dead.
Former Texas Ranger and now private investigator, Mason Redstone, can investigate the dead, but as a medium, he can also talk to them.

When Mason’s estranged partner, Trick Monroe, appears asking for Mason’s help to solve a murder, it forces Mason to confront the past and attempt to rebuild their fractured relationship. But when Trick reverts to his old ways, Mason must question whether it’s best to leave the past behind.

Old bonds don’t break easily, though, and when Trick insists his accused friend is innocent, Mason reluctantly agrees to help. As they unearth new clues with the assistance of Mason’s sister, Mikey, Detectives Daniels and Remalla, and Mason’s own paranormal gifts, they shed light on unexpected suspects. But when a shocking revelation comes to light, Mason must determine whether to trust his old friend or abandon the investigation.

Despite the difficulties, their efforts rouse a killer’s interest and before they can discover the answers, Mason’s life, and others, will be at risk. Can they find a murderer before they become the next victims?

Lost Souls is book one in The Redstone Chronicles. Featured in J.T. Bishop’s, Of Breath and Blood, Mason Redstone revealed his skills as a paranormal afficionado, and a former Texas Ranger. If you love a suspenseful thriller, a flare for the supernatural, a compelling murder mystery, and unique and engaging characters, then grab Lost Souls.

Series: The Redstone Chronicles, Book 1
Taut, fascinating, and propulsive... A stunner. High intrigue, the characters' realistically portrayed emotional dilemmas, and breakneck pacing elevate this supernatural mystery above the ordinary, the first in the Redstone Chronicles by Bishop. The caseload is heavy for Mason Redstone, the former Texas Ranger and now private investigator. When Trick Monroe, Mason's estranged partner, comes looking for Mason's help to solve a murder, the latter reluctantly agrees, unaware of the danger ahead. The expert pacing and high suspense stand out, but more memorable are the vividly developed major and minor characters. The affable but troubled Mason is credible as both a medium and a private detective, and the large cast of diverse characters is realistic. Tension stays high, with nonstop twists and new revelations, and Bishop smoothly blends the sleuthing with the characters' individual struggles. The supernatural elements are convincing, and the story's explosive ending provides a neat twist that shocks and satisfies at once. Both Paranormal suspense fans and traditional mystery lovers will eagerly await Bishop's next.
– The Prairies Book Review
This inviting and exciting novel does an excellent job of taking the eeriness of the paranormal genre and the suspense and second guessing of the mystery genre and combining them to create a narrative that will constantly keep readers on the edge of their seats, trying to figure out where the next twist will come from. One of the strongest aspects of this book is the author's ability to create living and breathing characters who each feel like they could be as real as myself, but without ever compromising the need for intrigue and drama that mystery novels require. The best example of this lies with Mason and his former partner Trick, who spend the novel cautiously building and rebuilding the bedrock of trust that once underscored their partnership. Author J. T. Bishop consistently demonstrates that they are a keen study of the human condition and uses this knowledge to give Lost Souls an unforgettable cast. A highly recommended read.
– K.C. Finn, Readers Favorite
Complete with ghosts and villains, Lost Souls (A Novel of Crime and Suspense) by J. T. Bishop is a thrilling mystery filled with betrayal, murder, and revenge. Beautifully written, the elements of tension and apprehension color the storyline, creating a vivid and eerie plot that builds to an explosive conclusion. This novel is the first in a new series and is a spin-off of the equally thrilling Detective Daniels and Remalla series. With a dramatic, spine-tingling plot, well-rounded engaging characters, and psychologically unstable villains, it is a phenomenal story that will chill and thrill fans of mystery, suspense, and the paranormal.
– Susan Sewell, Readers Favorite
Lost Souls by J. T. Bishop is such a well-written and gripping novel that grabbed my interest and attention from the first chapter. There are so many layers to the plot which were continually revealed, with each character desperately trying to hide their dark secrets. Every character was perfectly created with such intriguing and realistic personalities. I simply adored the supportive and loving relationship between Mason and his sister, Mikey. I also liked the complex relationship between Mason and Trick as they rebuilt the trust issues between them. The investigation process was filled with tension and suspense which definitely made this story completely nail-biting. There are so many twists and turns throughout and many of the main characters could have been implicated in the crimes. However, the final plot twist was absolutely amazing and completely took me by surprise. I highly recommend Lost Souls; you will not be disappointed.
– Lesley Jones, Readers
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