Lost Lives - JT Bishop

Lost Lives: A Paranormal P.I. Mystery Thriller


About the Book

You can’t survive alone.
When Mason Redstone and his sister Mikey get an opportunity that promises a needed getaway and easy money, it’s an offer they can’t refuse, and their partner Trick, and friends Detectives Daniels and Remalla, decide to join them.

Their adventure will take them out in the woods with nothing but themselves and two guides, and while enjoying the great outdoors, an unexpected attack shatters their peace, causing them to reassess their choices when they realize they’re not alone.

Relying on their wits and abilities, they’ll search for clues to understand their foe, but the woods offer only strange sounds amidst eerie silence, eyes that watch and dangers they can’t comprehend. Compelled to dig deeper to stay alive, their discoveries will uncover an ancient force that wants them out and is willing to kill to do it.

With their survival at stake and waiting for rescue, they’ll have to stick together to survive, but the evil they face has no plans to wait.

With the stakes as high as life or death, will one of them have to make the ultimate sacrifice?

Lost Lives is book five in The Redstone Chronicles. It follows the events of Lost Hope and Of Love and Loss. Featured in J.T. Bishop’s Of Breath and Blood, Mason Redstone revealed his skills as a paranormal afficionado and former Texas Ranger. If you love a suspenseful supernatural thriller, a heaping dose of the unexpected, a dark murder mystery, and compelling characters you’ll root for, then grab your copy of Lost Lives.

Series: The Redstone Chronicles, Book 5
J.T. Bishop has done it again!! What an awesome book this is. It was definitely worth the wait. Characters from both series' come together for a very BIG adventure when a fun vacation turns into something else entirely. This book has it all, it's funny, it's scary, it's suspenseful, and it keeps you guessing. Lots of character development and a relationship we've all been waiting for! Don't miss this next book in Redstone Chronicles, it's a MUST READ!
– Goodreads review
5.0 out of 5 stars You won't believe what teamwork can accomplish. With this book, there wasn't anything I disliked. J.T. Bishop is an excellent storyteller. Lost lives has an incredible mystery storyline. It has danger, fun times, friendships, action, and is overall a great book. I highly recommend this story and series.
– Amazon Review
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