lost dreams - JT Bishop

Lost Dreams: A Paranormal P.I. Mystery Thriller


About the Book

Beware the Ghosts from Within
Former Texas Ranger Trick Monroe’s first case at his partner’s P.I. agency is an easy one – locate a wealthy woman’s missing brother. But his partner, Mason Redstone, a paranormal researcher and medium, is involved in his own case, and when a malicious entity follows Mason home, it complicates Trick’s investigation.

When their search for the brother leads to murder, and Mason’s brother Max is accused of the crime, Mason must fight not only the malevolence in his home but also find the person responsible for framing his brother.

With Mason’s sister Mikey’s help, they will seek out the suspects, but Mason’s personal battles will lead him down a destructive path, and their search for evil will reveal a shocking secret that could lead to yet another murder—one of their own.

Lost Dreams is book two in The Redstone Chronicles. If you love engaging characters, a sinister whodunit, and losing sleep over a good book, then pick up Lost Dreams today!

Series: The Redstone Chronicles, Book 2
Lost Dreams by J.T. Bishop is a brilliant and unforgettable paranormal mystery. With its terrifying monsters, both human and supernatural, and the exciting, horror-filled scenes, it is a thrilling story that incites the imagination and creates nightmares. The Redstone Chronicles and Detective Daniels and Remalla series are my favorite series, and Ms. Bishop is one of my favorite authors. Joining Mikey, Mason, Trick, Remalla, and Daniels in one of their spooky investigations is a great way to spend an excitement-filled afternoon. The eerie and suspenseful plots contain dramatic action-filled scenes infused with supernatural beings and paranormal elements. Each of the characters displays flaws and natural human qualities that make them relatable. I like how the two series cross over, giving the characters more depth and the story world more variety. Every one of the novels is captivating from the first page until the last, and I can't recommend them enough. Sleuthing fans who relish novels filled with spine-tingling action, ghouls, evil villains, and incorrigible, appealing heroes will enjoy following the Redstones and Trick as they work side-by-side with Daniels and Remalla to save the world one monster at a time.
– Susan Newell - Readers Favorite
I was delighted to be assigned the second installment in the Redstone Chronicles series, having previously reviewed the debut novel. It's always gratifying to see an author who has managed such an excellent opening title in a good saga deliver again, and J. T. Bishop certainly delivers. The mystery at the heart of the story is layered and well-constructed, calling upon the skills of both protagonists to fully unravel. Those protagonists are also on top form, with the novel taking the opportunity to give us new insights into their pasts that push their development even further. Lost Dreams is a paranormal mystery that, like its predecessor, grounds itself through engaging characters and consistent world-building to create an edge-of-your-seat mystery that you'll struggle to put down. I recommend this book to all fans of the genre, and I'm excited to see what the next book in the series brings to the table.
– K.C. Finn - Readers Favorite
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