Lost Chances JT Bishop

Lost Chances: A Paranormal P.I. Mystery Thriller


About the Book

Some Secrets are Better Left Unknown
Facing his demons, paranormal P.I. and former Texas Ranger Mason Redstone enters drug therapy. Adjusting to his new surroundings, he’ll befriend other patients, face unexpected spirit encounters and confront his difficult past. But his new patrons will offer more than support. They’ll reveal dark rumors about former patients who’ve died suspiciously. Curious, he’ll use his investigative skills to search for the truth, but his discoveries may turn friends into enemies.

With Mason absent, his sister Mikey and partner Trick must rely on another gifted paranormal investigator to help keep their agency afloat. But his involvement could complicate more than their cases and force Mikey to make a hard decision.

Despite the difficulties,Trick and Mikey help a woman from Mikey’s past investigate the suspicious death of her sister, but their digging exposes unexpected secrets that link Mason to a conspiracy, and a killer who will stop at nothing to protect himself. And his next victim could be Mason.

Lost Chances is book three in The Redstone Chronicles. Featured in J.T. Bishop’s Of Breath and Blood, Mason Redstone revealed his skills as a paranormal afficionado and a former Texas Ranger. If you love a supernatural thriller, a heaping dose of suspense, a compelling murder mystery, and unique and engaging characters, then grab your copy of Lost Chances.

Series: The Redstone Chronicles, Book 3
There is a lot to like in Lost Chances. Mason is a character who proves himself to be a serious investigator right from the beginning. He is focused, organized, and rational. With Trick's wit and quick thinking, the two of them make a formidable duo. Although more scenes involving these two would have been a real treat, even this much of a glimpse was entertaining enough. Since this is book 3, there were quite many references from the previous books. J. T. Bishop has included as many details as possible to close these gaps. For readers, beginning with the first book would be the right course of action. Lost Chances has engaging conversations that are full of life. The audience will find themselves sighing (with frustration or relief, depending upon the context) and chuckling with these dialogues. Inside the rehab, the story was incredible and highly intriguing. The execution of the suspense is perfect. Outside the rehab, Mikey and others had their moments of holding the audience. Lost Chances by J. T. Bishop has the charisma to hold its audience till the very last page. Mason's skilled investigation reveals the skeletons slowly and beautifully, giving readers exactly what they came for: well-executed suspense.
– Ankita Shukla, Readers' Favorite
Lost Chances by J. T. Bishop is part of a series that I haven't read but, although this is the third book, I kept up with the story. However, I would recommend reading the series in order. If you like paranormal stories, this is a great book to read. There are several storylines running through it, making it somewhat complex but everything ties together satisfyingly in the end. The characters are incredibly well-developed, considering this is book 3, and the plot is unique and very enjoyable. There is lots of action and it's written in a way that makes you invested in it, makes you want to keep reading until the very end. This is one series that would make for an excellent TV series and I highly recommend this book for all paranormal and mystery fans.
– Anne Marie Reynolds,
J. T. Bishop has written an intriguing book with Lost Chances: The Redstone Chronicles Book 3. I have not read the other books in the series, but there was enough information so that I could follow the story. The characters are well developed and I like that the main character has real problems and isn't practically superhuman. He has his demons, but he is determined to fight them. I liked the interactions between Mikey and Trick; they make a good team. The story moved at a decent pace and I kept reading to find out what would happen next. I do enjoy paranormal books and while paranormal PIs are not new, I think the characters felt fresh and interesting. There was plenty of action to keep readers entertained and I liked how the mystery unfolded. I think that paranormal and urban fantasy readers would enjoy this series. I would definitely recommend it.
– Samantha Gregory, Readers' Favorite
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