Haunted River - JT Bishop

Haunted River: A Murder Mystery Suspense Thriller


About the Book

Don’t Deny the Dead
A woman, clad only in a white nightgown, is dead – her body discovered on the banks of Black River. Her unsolved murder, and her ghost, still haunt the small town where she lived and died.

Twenty-five years later, Detective Gordon Daniels inherits his estranged grandfather’s home on the property where the body was found. Anxious to sell it, Daniels invites his partner, Detective Aaron Remalla to help him clean it out and enjoy some time off from their high-pressure job. But their getaway is interrupted when a second woman’s body is found on the river, clad in a white nightgown, and they are unwittingly thrown them into an investigation they would prefer to avoid.

Their scrutiny of the nearby town uncovers colorful suspects, including a cranky elderly woman and her entitled grandson, two fortune-telling sisters, a paranormal-investigating sheriff, a drifter with a dubious past and Daniels’ own grandfather. As strange occurrences, frightening dreams, and spectral encounters stack up, Detectives Daniels and Remalla are forced to confront the town’s ghosts and will uncover a sinister secret so shocking that someone is prepared to kill to keep it hidden.

Can the specters of the past help them find a killer before the killer gets to them first?

Haunted River is the first book in the Detectives Daniels and Remalla series. It follows the events of the Family or Foe saga where the detectives make their first appearance, but Haunted River can be read on its own.

If you love a heart-stopping murder mystery ghost story, an exciting supernatural thriller whodunit, and an engaging and charismatic partnership between two detectives, then enjoy Haunted River.

Series: Detectives Daniels and Remalla, Book 1
Brimming with ghostly activity, Haunted River (Detective Daniels and Remalla Series) by J.T. Bishop is a thrilling murder mystery. From the first sentence, I was hooked and couldn't put the book down until I reached the electrifying conclusion. The plot is exciting, and the storyline's twists and turns are intriguing and kept me guessing until the end. Not having read any of the first four books in the series, I was pleased to find this was a stand-alone book. There are a few references to preceding stories, but it didn't detract from the experience. It is an outstanding novel with engaging characters, a chilling storyline, and I loved every page of it! Riveting and suspenseful, it is an exceptional murder mystery that will thrill everyone who relishes stories with a creepy nuance and a hint of the supernatural. Absolutely fantastic!
– Susan Sewell - Readers Favorite
What makes Haunted River fascinating as detective fiction is the element of thrills generated by Scarlet's phantom. As a ghost, she is a passive character who does not reveal anything about her mysterious death but does provide a clue, and it is up to the two sleuths to put the pieces of the puzzle together. Bishop treads carefully to ensure that human intuition and logic are still the key factors in solving a crime and not a supernatural revelation. As the ghostly element is compelling, the strings of unique suspects are equally well-articulated. The suspense picks up when the plot arrives at a conclusion that you least expect, and that is the hallmark of page-turning detective fiction. Haunted River by J.T. Bishop is a fast-paced and easy read with a good twist.
– Vincent Dublado - Readers Favorite
With its terrifying past and alarming secrets, the spooky town of Dumont makes a perfect backdrop for the plot. Witty conversations between the detectives are great additions to the story as they temper the tension in the novel. I loved discovering the town's residents who include a cranky, feisty old woman hell-bent on protecting her grandson, a mysterious sheriff who would rather spend time ghost-chasing than unravel the town's crooked past, a beautiful woman new to Dumont who hopes to move forward from her past, and two lively fortune-tellers. The story remains tense to the end as the list of suspects increases and more secrets are revealed. It culminates in a hair-raising, shocking scene. Haunted River by Judy Bishop is a rewarding, absorbing read that every fan of murder mysteries should read.
– Edith Wairimu - Reader's Favorite
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