Fourth Strike - JT Bishop

Fourth Strike: A Murder Mystery Paranormal Thriller


About the Book

Despair can take you to the pits of hell. It’s your choice to rise or burn.
After a prominent judge is found murdered in his home with an odd sequence of numbers left at the scene, Detectives Daniels and Remalla begin to unravel the clues and hunt for a killer.

While they investigate, former detective Jill Jacobs returns, determined to find the mysterious man linked to three previous murders, and whose mystifying past, strange connections and dangerous abilities make him impossible to find and even harder to catch.

Jill’s persistence requires her to dive deeper into her psychic gifts and her search leads her to Madison and Jace. Their reconnection and revelations about their strange history will lure out the man they seek, but drawing his attention brings unintended consequences.

As Remalla and Daniels hunt a killer and Jill, Madison and Jace pursue much-needed answers, long-held secrets are exposed that will threaten each of them. Secrets that will reveal how far they are willing to go to stop a madman, even if that madman may be one of their own.

Fourth Strike is the fourth book in the gripping Family or Foe suspense series featuring Detectives Daniels and Remalla. It is best read after First Cut, Second Slice and Third Blow.

If you love heart-pounding suspense, unforgettable characters, spine-tingling revelations, and a page-turning story that will rob you of sleep, then pick up Fourth Strike today.

J. T. Bishop is a great storyteller and what caught my attention from the start is the author's ability to create a strong storyline. The narrative starts with the murder of a judge and surprising elements add up as one turns the pages. Jill Jacobs's role in the story is indispensable and I particularly enjoyed how the author uses this detective to widen the plot and introduce more complex elements. There are twists aplenty and no one will see the surprises coming. There is a sense of mystery accompanying the reader as they follow the compelling characters trying to solve multiple murders. The story is written in excellent prose and sprinkled with realistic dialogues that drive the plot forward while deepening character and conflict. Fourth Strike is suspenseful, tightly written, and cunningly plotted. This is a great read for fans of detective fiction and novels with believable and compelling characters.
– Christian Sia - Readers Favorite Reviews
There is a lot that I enjoyed in this story. J. T. Bishop starts with a murder and I thought it would be dealt with quickly. Then when it seems like the detectives have a lead already, Jill Jacobs comes in, and everything changes. It is interesting how the author writes the relationship between the three detectives and the way they work provides insights into the professional work and challenges that detectives face. The characters are strong and believable. The prose in Fourth Strike: A Novel of Suspense is gorgeous and the narrative suspenseful. The story has emotional depth, engages readers psychologically, and features surprises that augment the entertaining quality of the writing. I love the pacing and how the story pricks the curiosity of the reader.
– Romuald Dzemo - Readers Favorite Reviews
If you love stories with well-crafted characters and strong plot points, then you will be engrossed by this meld of crime and mystery. The author kept me guessing through every scene. The scenes are so well-crafted and focused that at every moment the reader is fully engaged. Fourth Strike: A Novel of Suspense is fast-paced and emotionally and psychologically engaging. The plot is laced with surprising turns for readers. It opens with a situation of murder that I never saw coming and from that moment I wanted to know more about the man who says, "Hello, Judge," and doesn't allow the judge time to complete his sentence before he pulls out a weapon and fires. This is a riveting read with rock-solid characters and a powerful conflict, a delightful read for fans of sleuth and murder.
– Jose Cornelio - Readers Favorite Reviews
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