Forged Lines - JT Bishop

Forged Lines: A Nail-Biting Paranormal Thriller


About the Book

Confronted by their enemies, they’ll fight to survive.
Caught unaware, the Ramsey and Fletcher families face their greatest challenge. After a violent attempt on their lives, they must combat the forces that want them dead.

As loved ones are separated and family members threatened, they’ll do whatever it takes to protect the ones they love. The further they go, the more dangerous it becomes, until the very forces required to protect them may no longer be enough.

Despite betrayals and setbacks, they’ll battle to the end, but success is never a guarantee. Their fate will be defined by their ability to trust their destiny. But will destiny take them to the edge of darkness or to a new and unexpected beginning?

Forged Lines is the fourth book in J.T. Bishop’s Red-Line trilogy sister series, The Fletcher Family Saga. If you love unrelenting action, fast-paced suspense, heart-rending romance, and unexpected twists, then grab Forged Lines today.

Series: Red-Line: The Fletcher Family Saga, Book 4
Awesome series of books. Definitely wasn’t ready for it to end so many possibilities to explore. You’ll love every character in this series.
– Amazon Review
The book is jam-packed with action. You aren't sure who they should trust. Every time I thought I had figured out who was good and who was evil, something else was thrown at me, and I realized again, I didn't know. Once I got to the third or fourth chapter, I had to finish the book. My husband kept telling me to sit back in my chair. I get so into a book I scoot to the edge of my chair. If you have not started or heard of this series, you must. It was wonderful. You won't be disappointed.
– Sandra, Goodreads
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