Curse Breaker - JT Bishop

Curse Breaker: A Shocking Murder Mystery Paranormal Thriller


About the Book

She’ll risk her life to crack a curse and catch a killer, but falling in love and revealing her darkest secrets were never part of the plan.

Believing a dangerous curse endangers those he loves, Grayson Steele shuns the public eye. But meeting Gillian Fletcher will force him to reconsider his future. With her help, he’ll confront shocking revelations, surprising adversaries, and a dangerous enemy, but he didn’t anticipate the budding attraction between them. Willing to risk everything to reclaim his life, Grayson will have to decide if losing Gillian is too high a price to pay.

Nothing is ever as it seems though and when Gillian reveals a truth he’s not prepared for, Grayson must determine if love is enough to transcend what his mind cannot bear. But his decision may come too late when Gillian’s past catches up to her, and Grayson’s only hope to save her life will be unexpected allies whose existence will require him to accept a reality he never thought possible.

Sometimes, love requires opening your heart so far past its breaking point that it cracks wide open.

Curse Breaker is the first book in Red-Line: The Fletcher Family Saga, the sister series to Bishop’s Red-Line trilogy. It can be read on its own or before the trilogy. If you love heart-stopping thrills, a shocking twist you won’t see coming, and a paranormal mystery with a touch of sci-fi and a tantalizing romance, then you’ll love Curse Breaker.

Series: Red-Line: The Fletcher Family Saga, Book 1
While the action takes a little while to get started, once it does it ramps up quickly and by the end the reader will be absolutely enthralled. It would be impossible to discuss the ending of the book without giving away too much, but I can guarantee that readers who pick this up and make it through will be rewarded with a number of surprising and satisfying twists and turns and an ending that they won't soon forget. The author does a masterful job of leading (and misleading) the reader on an incredible adventure that deals with the supernatural while remaining firmly rooted in our reality. Fans of the Red Line series will surely be happy to spend more time in the world that J.T. Bishop has created, and readers new to the series will find a lot to like in this book (and it makes a fine entry point to the series, as the author mentions it can be read before or after the original trilogy). As mentioned, there are some minor hiccups with the seeming naturalness of some of the dialogue and the pace during the exposition, but I felt that neither of these criticisms warranted the deduction of a full star. I give Curse Breaker by J.T. Bishop 4.5 Stars, rounded up to 5.
– Awesome Indies
Curse Breaker is one outstanding book. Compelling characters, a well-drawn plot filled with mystery, suspense, and unexpected surprises, along with a satisfying romance will leave readers admiring this enthralling tale from a talented author. If you haven't read any J. T. Bishop books yet, you must. She's a brilliant up-and-coming author. Her writing is vivid and captivating, her immersive story well-plotted, and her characters relatable and unique.
– NY Literary Magazine
An unconventional but consistently absorbing multigenre tale.
– Kirkus Reviews
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