About J.T. Bishop

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Award-winning author, J.T. Bishop, is a writer of mystery thrillers with a paranormal edge. Growing up, she read Stephen King, Mary Higgins Clark, and Dean Koontz, devoured every episode of the X-files and watched plenty of TV shows with great partnerships that leave you wanting more. She loves tangled relationships, unexpected twists and turns, heart-stopping love stories and the complications that come with all the above. Throw in a little supernatural fun and she’s hooked. Her evil plan is to hook you, too.

She’s the author of The Red-Line Trilogy and its sister series, The Fletcher Family Saga, which features touches of urban fantasy, light sci-fi, and paranormal romance. She’s also happily writing mystery thrillers featuring two charismatic detectives who may occasionally encounter a supernatural villain or two, and a crossover series which follows the exploits of a gifted, but troubled, paranormal P.I. and his spunky sister.

All the above keeps her busy, but in her spare time, she loves good movies, tasty food, an unfortunate sugar addiction, and traveling.


Red-Line: The Shift

For the right audience, this book is a great read. It can hold its own against any traditionally published novel in its genre

Underground Book Reviews

First Cut

From intrigue and cat-and-mouse games to interactions that become increasingly dangerous on more than one level, Bishop's story is a fine story of intrigue and survival that introduces the first spark of romance and leaves the door well open for more books in the series.

D. Donovan, Senior Reviewer, Midwest Book Review

Lost Souls

Tension stays high, with nonstop twists and new revelations, and Bishop smoothly blends the sleuthing with the characters' individual struggles. The supernatural elements are convincing, and the story's explosive ending provides a neat twist that shocks and satisfies at once. Both Paranormal suspense fans and traditional mystery lovers will eagerly await Bishop's next.

The Prairies Book Review

Curse Breaker

…  I can guarantee that readers who pick this up will be rewarded with a number of surprising and satisfying twists and turns and an ending that they won't soon forget. The author does a masterful job of leading (and misleading) the reader on an incredible adventure that deals with the supernatural while remaining firmly rooted in our reality.

Awesome Indies Review

Haunted River

It is an outstanding novel with engaging characters, a chilling storyline, and I loved every page of it! Riveting and suspenseful, it is an exceptional murder mystery that will thrill everyone who relishes stories with a creepy nuance and a hint of the supernatural. Absolutely fantastic!

Susan Sewell - Readers Favorite

A Hamburger Christmas

A Hamburger Christmas, by J.T. Bishop, is full of action, has a strong central character, and has an excellent storyline. I would recommend this book to anyone who enjoys action, mystery, thrills, and memorable characters.

Karen Almeida, Literary Titan